October / November 2015 - Vol. 82

An overview of Kairos Iberoamericana in a video presentation given in 2012

Work of Kairos Iberoamerica

Kairos Iberoamerica Conference .
held in Guanacaste, Costa Rica July 22-26, 2015

Kairos Iberoamericana Conference
780 young people attended from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Domincan Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Lebanon, New Zealand, and the United States.

In Latin America there is a big Kairos Conference once every five years. For many it was their first Kairos conference.

This year’s theme was “I Stand at the Door and Knock,” with general session themes of:
– When Jesus knocks
– The people God wants
– Conquering the land
(And fireworks Saturday night!) 

The young people, aged 17-25, were called on to decision, sacrifice, and boldness in mission.

                                Iberoamericana festival evening

Every evening there was a festival with sketches, music, videos, and dancing in celebration of faith, community, and the different nationalities.

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Michael Shaughnessy Michael Shaughnessy is the Kairos director for the Sword of the Spirit both in North America and Internationally. He is the editor of the Kairos Youth Culture Newsletter.

Kairos is an international federation of outreaches to high school, university and post university aged people.

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