To you is the promise of the resurrection from the dead

To you is the promise of the resurrection from the dead

Eulogy of Chale Mántica
Date: April 7th, 2020

– by Jean Barbara

I first knew Chale by reputation. I heard stories about him involving healing and deliverance. And I said ‘this must be a great man of God!’. Then I met him in the very early nineties at International Assemblies of the SOS and was impressed by his zeal and wisdom. Then I served with him in the year 2000 on a visitation team to the community in Vitoria, Spain and I discovered his pastor’s heart. Then he invited me, a few years after that, to spend one week in his house in Managua. And I knew Chale as his close friends know: he introduced me to Nicaraguan poetry, literature and music; he also took me on a couple of tours to visit some of the beautiful sites of Nicaragua and some of the best food in the city. A man who loves beauty in art and in God’s creation.  During that week he also did not hide from me his weaknesses, his limitations and his shortcomings. And with Chale, I realized again and again that the Lord chooses ordinary men and women to build his kingdom and he gives them extraordinary gifts to build with.

Chale used these gifts to build a spiritual city, a community of men and women in Managua and beyond Managua in several cities of Nicaragua and Latin America. The Lord also called Chale to play a very important and lifesaving role when the international community, the Sword of the Spirit, was undergoing severe challenges. I know that the Lord also used Chale to play a significant role in his own Country and the church. I believe we all owe Chale something, whether we know what it is or not, whether we see what it is or not.

Once, Chale told me that if I stopped believing in miracles, I will not be able to build Christian community. 10 years ago, when I started building a community in Aleppo, Syria, a Catholic priest came to me and said that this was mission impossible. I replied and said: ‘I know’. Then I added: ‘but I believe in the power of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead’. 10 years later, this community is doing very well. Chale often wrote to me and asked about this community. He offered help, both money and prayers because he said he and the Ciudad de Dios are committed by covenant to this community they never visited. I believe that this community in Aleppo, Emmanuel, survived the war and even increased in numbers thanks to people like Chale, and to the many miracles that God has done among them, and especially because their Lord, our Lord has risen from the dead.

Rest now Chale from all your labors. To you is the promise of the resurrection from the dead!

Jean Barbara is a coordinator from the People of God Community in Beirut, Lebanon. He currently serves as the International President of the Sword of the Spirit.

Carlos (Chale) Mántica was a leader and founder in the Ciudad de Dios community in Managua, Nicaragua and he served as International President of the Sword of the Spirit during a period in the 1990s.


  1. Avatar
    Eugene Peres 14 Apr 2020 Reply

    Receive the crown of life Brother Carlos….thanks for your persevering work in the SOS. Rest in peace.

  2. Avatar
    Svahn Rivas 09 Apr 2020 Reply

    Thank you for building the foundations of where we stand on right now, Chale. A vessel of grace for all of us.

  3. Avatar
    Sue Cummins, Word of Life Community 09 Apr 2020 Reply

    I remember those long Nicaraguan evenings sitting on Chales porch with his wife Miriam and other brothers and sisters from communities from all over the world. Enjoying the breeze, the food, the laughter, the music. But mostly I remember talking about God and God’s work. Thank you Chale for helping us to dream bigger and not give up.

  4. Avatar
    Luke Lobo 08 Apr 2020 Reply

    Condolences from the brothers and sisters in KKP, Pune, India

  5. Avatar
    Paul Dinolfo, former senior coordinator of the Work of Christ Community (East Lansing, Michigan) 08 Apr 2020 Reply

    Chale, may the Lord reward you for your long-time faithful service to Him and to the call to build a bulwark in the Sword of the Spirit. We are all grateful for your strength, vision and leadership in our time of crisis. May the Lord receive you into his heavenly kingdom.

  6. Avatar
    Manny de los Santos 08 Apr 2020 Reply

    Eternal rest grant unto Chale, O Lord! May You give him the peace he deserves.

  7. Avatar
    Kd P Drtad Uzunyan 08 Apr 2020 Reply

    R. I. P. dear brother.

  8. Avatar
    Harry Lowe 08 Apr 2020 Reply

    May his soul rest in peace. Praying for his family and the community.

  9. Avatar
    Mary G Hendricks 08 Apr 2020 Reply

    Eternal Memory and blessed repose

  10. Avatar
    Bulmaro Carvallo 08 Apr 2020 Reply

    Le damos gracias a Dios por haber enviado hombres como Chale Mántica, ¡verdadero apóstol!

  11. Avatar
    Grajet J Pereira Community of good shepherd vasai India. 08 Apr 2020 Reply

    Our deepest condolences to the family and to the community of La Ciudad de Dios
    “Eternal rest grant to him O Lord and let your perpetual light shine upon our brother Carlos”

  12. Avatar
    Dante Santillana 08 Apr 2020 Reply

    He is a General among the God’s people leading and defending the Bulwark.
    Blessing and our love to his family and community,
    from Dallas with love, defending and building up this part of the Bulwark.

  13. Avatar
    Ted Kennedy 08 Apr 2020 Reply

    A fitting tribute to a great man of God!

    Chale was visiting Ann Arbor one time when Nicaragua was going through tremendous difficulties as a country, and he surprised me by saying “America is such a needy country.” I was puzzled because at that time Nicaragua was what most people would call ‘needy’. He explained: ‘America is such a needy country because you have so many NEEDS – you need so many things that we do not need at all. That’s how you are needy.’

    It was a great insight, and I never forgot it. May we all be less NEEDY. May we find our joy and sustenance in the Lord himself, and may we have fewer and fewer needs in this world.

    • Avatar
      Elie Maalouf 10 Apr 2020 Reply

      .”….May we find our joy and sustenance in the Lord himself, and may we have fewer and fewer needs in this world…”
      AMEN to that.

      Chale was wise indeed!

  14. Avatar
    Joao Pedro Tvres 08 Apr 2020 Reply

    You’re at home dear Chale! Thanks so much for believe in miracles like SOS. RIP

  15. Avatar
    Martha Isabel Hernández Alarcón 08 Apr 2020 Reply

    Descanse en paz nuestro gran hombre y siervo de Dios

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