Our Call

Our Call

Our Call The Sword of the Spirit

In the Sword of the Spirit we are called to be “a community of disciples on mission.” This phrase tells us in a brief way what God called us to be (our nature) and what he called us for (our purpose).

This is the call of the Sword of the Spirit and it is also the call of every local community.

In every age the Lord calls men and women to follow him, to put aside concern for their own lives, and, trusting fully in his grace, to give themselves generously in his service.

We have heard the call of God, a call to serve him and his people in this time, a time of trial and challenge for the Christian people, a time when he is pouring out his Spirit to renew, restore, and unify his people.

He has addressed us as “the Sword of the Spirit,” a name signifying our role as a missionary body witnessing to and proclaiming the word of God in this age of spiritual warfare. In response to this call, we have formed an international, ecumenical association so that we might more effectively come together from many nations, cultures, and Christian traditions.

We are to be covenanted to himself and one another in local communities and in an international community of communities so that we might fulfill the mission he has given us.

In short, we live out our Christian commitment, united by a covenant, a common way of life, and dedication to a common purpose and mission.