Being on mission

Being on mission


We believe in an evangelistic mission – in telling others the good news about knowing God personally through his Son Jesus Christ and experiencing the transforming life of his Holy Spirit. Telling others this good news is an integral part of the Christian life as portrayed in the New Testament.

Our communities are involved in mission to youth, university students, young professionals, and families – and in some communities a special outreach to people who are on the margins of society. Some of our mission work is done as individuals and sometimes as communities or in regional outreaches.

The communities often provide a living context for speaking to others about life in Christ. We are able to simply say, “Come and see.” (Gospel of John 1:39)

We believe that God has called the Sword of the Spirit into being in this age as the society becomes increasingly hostile towards the message of Christ and increasingly fragmented. Christian communities provide a strength and support to individual Christians, and we believe to his whole church.

We feel that this new era, like so many in history, is ripe with opportunities to tell others the good news that there is a God, a loving Father, who cares about each person. We believe that Christians are called, not to a life of self-protection, but to extend the call to everyone – be reconciled to God in Christ, his beloved Son, and begin to live his blessed life forever. We aspire to be, as our strapline says, “a community of disciples on mission.”