Whose Side Are You On? – Those Who Witnessed the Passion

Whose Side Are You On? – Those Who Witnessed the Passion

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– by Carlos Mantica

X. The Bad Thief
There is another group, quite present among our people, which is represented at the crucifixion scene by the bad thief.

Their suffering only increases their fury, which they then unload over the innocent, without seeing or acknowledging their own faults.

No one asks forgiveness for them, who are instead praised and glorified.

Like the bad thief, they are people who suffer a lot. I’m referring to all those people whom hunger and suffering, abandonment, ignorance, alcohol, drugs and promiscuity have led to burglary, to squatting in somebody else’s land, to ransacking, to murder, to servile attitudes, to deceit, to violence. They then dump their fury without acknowledging any of their sins, and without caring whether their victim is innocent.

They feel fully entitled to commit any kind of crime, for the very fact of being poor. Many, like the bad thief, are willing to repeat the slogan: “If you are really the Christ, come down from the cross!” (Luke 23:39).

Maybe if you just follow the current of those who are in power and if you act against the innocent, you will be taken down from your own cross.


Carlos Mantica is a founder of The City of God community (La Cuidad de Dios) in Managua, Nicaragua, and a founding leader of the Sword of the Spirit. He served as president of the Sword of the Spirit between 1991 and 1995. Adapted from the book, From Egghead to Birdhood (hatch or rot as a Christian), © copyright 2001 Carlos Mantica.


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