Whose Side Are You On? – Those Who Witnessed the Passion

Whose Side Are You On? – Those Who Witnessed the Passion

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– by Carlos Mantica

XIII. Simon of Cyrene
The next character we find is one who has been forced to be there. This is Simon of Cyrene. He was coming from his workplace, peered in to look at the crowd, and was forcefully recruited to bear Jesus’ cross up to Calvary. You may wonder what merit there is in doing this by force.

And in fact, there is no merit in that. Simon’s merit was that in that human refuse, totally devoid of strength to bear his own cross, he was able to recognize the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, and then follow him beyond the cross. We know it was so because Mark tells us that Simon was the father of Alexander and Rufus, two members of the Christian community in Jerusalem. This means that Simon entered the community, and was wise enough to proclaim the good news to his children, who also became disciples of Jesus.


Carlos Mantica is a founder of The City of God community (La Cuidad de Dios) in Managua, Nicaragua, and a founding leader of the Sword of the Spirit. He served as president of the Sword of the Spirit between 1991 and 1995. Adapted from the book, From Egghead to Birdhood (hatch or rot as a Christian), © copyright 2001 Carlos Mantica.


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