Whose Side Are You On? – Those Who Witnessed the Passion

Whose Side Are You On? – Those Who Witnessed the Passion

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– by Carlos Mantica

XV. The Magdalene
By the cross there is a prostitute. She is with Mary, the mother of Jesus, and she will be the first one to whom Jesus appears after the resurrection. In this sense, she will also be the first apostle in announcing the Good News even to Peter himself – the news that Christ is alive and has risen.

What lesson can we learn from Mary of Magdala, the neighborhood prostitute, possibly the same woman from whom Jesus cast out seven demons? In my opinion, it is the most important lesson for many of us here: that the multitude of her sins do not separate her from her Lord. Much was forgiven her because she loved much, and she trusts in her Lord’s love and forgiveness. Because, no matter how great your sins might have been, greater is the love and the forgiveness of him who gave up his life for you.

She does not fear the murmuring of the bigots who criticized Jesus because he was in her company. She does not fear the good women who would undoubtedly gaze at her with suspicion or speak softly behind her back. She does not fear her former colleagues, who would no doubt say now to her, as has happened to many of us: ‘Look at that pious woman! She has no shame! Who does she think she’s deceiving?’

She fears nothing because there is nothing that can now separate her from the love of Jesus.


Carlos Mantica is a founder of The City of God community (La Cuidad de Dios) in Managua, Nicaragua, and a founding leader of the Sword of the Spirit. He served as president of the Sword of the Spirit between 1991 and 1995. Adapted from the book, From Egghead to Birdhood (hatch or rot as a Christian), © copyright 2001 Carlos Mantica.


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