The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is actually an eight-day observance or “octave” of prayer. It has been this way since the beginnings of this international movement in 1908.

This is now the Sword of the Spirit’s 11th year of participating internationally in this worldwide observance.  This year we are using the Bible passages proposed by the World Council of Churches from John 15, the vine and the branches.  

After each passage there is a reflection from either Brother Joseph Donovan of the Brotherhood of Hope, based in Boston, or from Andy Pettman of the Servants of the Word based in London.  They are an ecumenical team, since one is Catholic, the other Protestant, and their working together on this is a strong sign of the unity that we believe we in the Sword of the Spirit are supposed to live out.

Following the reflection is a simple prayer, and then testimony from Sword of the Spirit members from all over the world, about what why our ecumenical call is so important to them.

We do hope these reflections, testimonies and prayers, help you as you join in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity this year.

Week of prayer for christian unity - the vine and the branches

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2021

Introduction The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is actually an eight-day observance or “octave” ...
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DAY 1 – January 18th

John 15: 16a “You did not choose me I chose you.” The idea of ‘chosen-ness’ ...
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DAY 1 – Testimony: Florence Irvine (Catholic) – Northern Ireland

The most important aspect for me of living as a member of an ecumenical community ...
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DAY 2 – January 19th

John 15: 4 - “Abide in me as I abide in you” It is an ...
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DAY 2 – Testimony: James Munk (Orthodox) – USA

There’s a secret library at the top of the stairs at 31 Lynton Road. During ...
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DAY 3 – January 20th

John 15: 12 “Love one another as I have loved you” One day at Rutgers ...
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DAY 3 – Testimony: John Hughes (Protestant) – USA

When I was eight years old we lived in a rural French village. The public ...
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DAY 4 – January 21st

John 15: 15 “I do not call you servants any longer … but I have ...
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DAY 4 – Testimony: Efrain Calderon (Catholic) – Costa Rica

I am a Catholic Christian who belongs to Árbol de Vida, an ecumenical community in ...
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DAY 5 – January 22nd

John 15: 1-3 “I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinedresser. 2 ...
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DAY 5 – Testimony: Karen Jordan (Catholic) – India and Scotland

Jesus calls us to love God and our neighbor. In my Christian journey I have ...
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DAY 5 – Testimony: Michi Shoeberl (Catholic) – Germany

In his classic book “Orthodoxy”, G.K. Chesterton draws up the delightful sketch of an English ...
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DAY 6 – January 23rd

John 15: 16b “Go and bear fruit, fruit that will last” Jesus the vine, calls ...
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DAY 7 – January 24th

John 15: 5 “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in ...
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DAY 7 – Testimony: Andrew Lee (Catholic) – Singapore

Before I encountered the community in Ann Arbor, Michigan while I was studying, I was ...
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DAY 8 – January 25th

John 15: 11 “So that my joy may be in you, and your joy complete” ...
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DAY 8 – Testimony: Salim Baz (Orthodox) – Lebanon

Whenever I am asked why I chose to make a commitment to the Sword of ...
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