February 2008 - Vol. 16

A Spiritual Journey of Poems for Lent
by Jeanne Kun

The Kiss of Judas by Giotto

The Judas in Me

Forgive my betrayals, Lord:

Those countless times
when Iíve slighted you
and turned away at your approach;
denied any knowledge of you by my nervous silence,
too embarrassed to stand up or speak for you;
or feigned false ignorance and bland disinterest,
failing to admit my allegiance to you and all my heartís devotion.

Forgive the Judas in me
(and the Peter, too)
when I fall short
and save me from despair
as I shed now these tears of shame and sorrow
for my disloyalties to you.

Copyright (c) 2004 by Jeanne Kun

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