May 2009 - Vol. 30.
A Tribute to Steve Clark, continued

Steve Clark's Generous Investment 

as a mentor, father, and model for future generations of leaders

by Ande Kebe

For four decades, Steve has not only inspired men and women around him with his witness of a life radically set apart for the Lord, nor just equipped them through his wisdom, teaching, and vision to build community, but he has also continued to invest in young leaders by personally engaging them, helping them, and challenging them to grow in Christian maturity. 

The greatest impact that Steve has had on the next generation of the Sword of the Spirit is by continuing to go to the front lines of youth work and help win young men to the life of mature Christian discipleship and leadership. Steve has inspired, trained, and equipped these young men to serve and to be strong leaders. But most fundamentally he has loved each one of them and helped them to follow God's will for their lives. 

I speak for many young men around the Sword of the Spirit in saying that Steve's generous personal investment as a  mentor to me and even more importantly, his fatherly love for me have had a tremendous impact on my desire to respond generously to the Lord's call to be a builder in the Sword of the Spirit and Kairos. His investment in the leaders of our movement will bear tremendous fruit in the future generations around the world. 

[Andy Kebe is a Kairos Mission Leader in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.] 


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