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July/August 2011 - Vol. 51
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The Sword of the Spirit
take the whole armor of God Take the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand your ground - Ephesians 6:13

Born into a Battle: Living a Christian way of life in a secular society, by Jerry Munk
Spiritual Warfare - How Christ Disarmed Satan, by Michael Harper
Conquering Ourselves and Overcoming the Evil One, Wisdom from the early church fathers
Legion Unchained, a poem by John McCabe

Communities of Light: Reflecting God's passion for righteousness, justice, and mercy in the new dark ages, by Charles Colson
The River is Flowing: A New Monasticism, by Andy Freeman
Defenders of the Bulwark, by Don Schwager, and The Two Standards, by Ignatius of Loyola
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, hymn by Martin Luther, and Onward Lady Warriors, verse by Blanca Morales
Serving Youth Down Under, by Brian LaLonde
The Blessing of Working with the Poor, by Sam Wolf
Servants of the Word - Giving thanks for forty years of God's call and faithfulness, by Andy Pettman, and Tribute by Jean Barbara
The Beginnings of the Servants of the Word, by Michael Shaughnessy and Don Schwager
Listen, My Son, from the Prologue to The Rule of St. Benedict
Perfect Joy: How St. Francis taught Brother Leo, from The Little Flowers of St. Francis
The Treasure and the Pearl - Joyfully discovering the kingdom, by Jeanne Kun
Where Am I Headed? - And How Far Have I Journeyed? by Martin Steinbereithner
Go Forth In Great Confidence, a song by Stacey Whitfield, and The River Flows, a song by Ed Conlin

Living Bulwark is committed to fostering renewal of the whole Christian people: Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox. We especially want to give witness to the charismatic, ecumenical, evangelistic, and community dimensions of that renewal. Living Bulwark seeks to equip Christians to grow in holiness, to apply Christian teaching to their lives, and to respond with faith and generosity to the working of the Holy Spirit in our day.
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